1. Loved it, loved it, loved it! Definitely got my sweat on and appreciated one or two of the exercises in between the burpees or even the power jacks like the shadow boxing that gave you a bit of breather. Ready to start my day and take on any challenges that may come my way. Thanks Heather. Big thumbs up.

  2. GREATTTTTT HIIT CARDIO !!!! Thank you so much Heather for all your aweswome videos on YT ! Really your one of the best instructor I have ever followed !!! That HIIT killed me especially during fasting month but it is for good reason !!! Please keep going on YT with the way you are ! Thanks again from France !!!!

  3. amazing workouts, thank you. However I was wondering how many calories am i burning for this hiit ? (if someone has a watch or something, i am just curious because i'm sweating like crazy).

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