1. Just discovered your walking videos. Love your energy. I've been walking mostly at home following CD's I have but decided to change things up and I am glad to have landed on your page. I am almost 70 but I've been walking about 3 miles per day since the pandemic and it was easy for me to keep up with you. I will be checking out your other videos. Wondering what city you're in. Love the lights in the background. You have a new fan.

  2. Hi from France! Thanks for sharing these great videos Rick. They really help me keep fit from home which is great in time of confinement. Hope some day I can visit and march in Miami

  3. Watching this from Scottish highlands. Weighed myself this morning and the result was nothing to be proud off. Thanks for getting my lazy behind off my office chair!

  4. Omg this is the first time I have done this work out and omg I had so much fun! I’ve never laughed so much whilst working out 🏋️‍♀️ love it!

  5. Really enjoyed this but despite keeping entirely instep with you I only managed 3866! The step counter didn't match your feet either. Still enjoyed it but going to do them as an extra. Excited to find the Facebook group!

  6. Rick, I have been doing your YouTube step challenges for 3 months and since having my kids, I haven’t experienced the changes in my health (along with diet) that I have since beginning this routine. I use your challenges to get to 10,000 for the day and I like the standing ab challenges as well. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and I enjoy your chatter throughout the video. Please keep posting. Thanks again!

  7. Hi love this

    Amazing. Why did I not know about this earlier.

    I have issues with balance and am as such it’s not safe for me on the road.

    So I want you to put something together for working your triceps and pectorals

    Good luck with the channel and thanks

  8. Recently started, amazing rocking videos. Rick can you please put 10,000 steps routine in 5000 steps maybe? 10 000 is amazing but I want to enjoy walking outside as well:) That routine as a dance and easier to memorize when we keep repeating. Keep talking, that's inspiring! With best regards from Louisville, Kentucky

  9. I love watching and doing these workouts, only thing I can't do is concentrate on steps and your arms lol, I have no co-ordination and get easily confused, but you make me laugh and I love the videos, thank you

  10. Excellent – fitness routines like this literally saved my life at the age of 59 – 13 stone off since March 2020 – 2 stone to go for perfect BMI 😉

  11. Rick, you have literally changed my exercise world, I have epilepsy and although I've been seizure free for 5 years now, my balance is not that great. I can do this at home, with the blinds closed so I don't feel stupid when I trip over my own feet 🙃 I love your walking work outs, im well up to the 5000 steps one now so next goal is 10,000 steps one. I've recommended you to loads of people. Thank you so much 💓

  12. You know why I love these videos, (and you!) – Because for someone who finds excersize videos/PTs intimidating you make it so laid back, no pressure, no constant mention of calories or to push push push. I'm one very happy pregnant lady 😂💕. It's just an enjoyable experience! thank you! X

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