1. Im doing it seriously, i swear sis! But when 0:32 happened,,,,,,,,

    Ok sorryyy,,.,,,, Pls let me lauggghh sorry,, then ill Go back again promise.💛

  2. Sorry but wondering what your qualifications to advice this are. I used to love whistling but developed lip wrinkles. Feeling sorry for these ladies who are trusting your advice to regret it – too late. Suggesting you take it down for their sake. Just concerned for them.
    Everyone, please see https://goldengateobgyn.org/lip-lines/
    "No one wants lip wrinkles. They can add years to your face regardless of your age. Unfortunately even if you’re not a smoker they can still appear over time. Lip wrinkles are often caused by pursing, volume loss and sun damage. In order to reduce lines around the mouth it’s important to address motion, volume and quality of skin…
    Repetitive pursing can cause lip wrinkles to get etched in the skin. Whether it’s from smoking, whistling, drinking out of a straw or playing a woodwind instrument … repetitive pursing creates line…"

  3. well done! you did the whole face in this one go, others make long videos with lots of blahblah just on 1 single movement or 1 part of face so I think this is great, all you need to do to get your whole face worked out, thanks!

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