1. Amazing workout guys…i have been following her close to 2 years now…i do not follow any specific diet..proper indian food…bt stil i can c d difference…i do a proper 1hr workout..no cheating..thnx lucy

  2. #lucylockdown workouts are addictive – thanks for sorting out the playlists ❤️ I love the previews and play these workouts on silent whilst lectures are taking place on the laptop. Staying active whilst learning is great🎉🎉🎉

  3. Hi. I would also like to see back fat addressed in a video. Also upper stomach. I am hoping that as more weight loss is attained some of this will finally disappear. Amazing video. Very vigorous exercise. I am 70 and enjoy your videos.

  4. Me and my Nan have been doing your workouts everyday as she can follow your beginners on the left whilst I do the right. We absolutely love them. Thank you 💙

  5. Wow, I really needed this after more than a month of quarantine here in Italy! I had stopped working out at the beginning of the year (I had been ill during the holidays, then my period, then settling back into routine after the holidays… I couldn't bring myself to start again) and now this staying at home thing, with all the cooking, the baking and the eating without any walking or biking is really showing on my belly and thighs! D: I hate it so much. So now I'm back and I'll try fighting it with your exercises!

  6. This is a fantastic workout. Thank you @Lucy Wyndham-Read for creating exercises that isolate muscle groups and gives people a whole body workout with always 2 options so one can chose and no one feels left out yet with get work the same muscle groups and give people a full workout with due care. Its rare in todays world to find people like yourself who are not only qualified and experienced but really care to get a population fit -wherever in the world. I write this comment in 2020 when the world saw a pandemic be interesting to see what results or where we are in a few years from now. Take care, Best wishes to you and All following

  7. hi lucy mam i am a ninth standard student wanting to tell you that i am very depressed from my weight that is 62 kg i have started ur workout one day before and i really really reallllyyyy hope i get out of it and inform you soon. but the intresting thing is i get full of sweat and i love it because it makes me feel light. i am n indian

  8. being fit is boring for me before i found out your channel..later i always lost my track doesn't matter how hard i try..but with your workout fitness is fun..thanks for being my guide in fitness journey..love from india❤

  9. Just did this one, I gave birth to twins 4 mths ago and this workout was low impact and gentle yet still strenuous, i am sweating lol. Good way to ease back into exercise.

  10. Great – I've been doing the Lymphatic workout for a while as it improves my circulation, but after the Christmas period (having put on a full 3 kilos) I need something more radical and this feels great. I have to admit, it's a bit hard but I'm going to stick with it.

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