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  2. Hello dr…. Excellent class sir… Iam a nurse… I want to learn ecg from the basics… I tried many channels and books… But your method of teaching is really unique… each and every moment of your class is worthy… We can feel your knowledge and sincerity towards teaching…. Thanks a lot

  3. Unbelievable concepts sir. I am really mesmerised that how you learnt such an excellent concepts. The way of teaching is master peace and camera and voice work is up to the mark too. Allah bless you sir. Keep it up.

  4. Your lectures are really amazing. You make me admire the teaching profession even more. Your explanation finally made me understand and there's nothing more I could ask for. Thank you for your passionate teaching Dr. Najeeb!

  5. So far 1hr and 30 Mins into it and I feel like I only watched 10 Mins, his deep level of explanation gets to me always. Dr najiib is the medical angel in my eyes 😂❤️. Thank you for your time.

  6. Please like this so that others may see.
    Dr. Najeeb, if you're reading this – thank you so much for the great work you're doing. <3
    a. Basic concepts – Action potential of myocardial cells: 0:49
    b. Basic concepts – Galvanometer & the heart: 18:23
    c. Electrical vectors of a cardiac cycle: 51:44
    d. Graphing cardiac vectors: 1:30:26
    e. ECG nomenclature (e.g. waves, segments): 2:05:37
    f. timings and duration of ECG waves/segments/intervals: 2:34:45

  7. I spent hours on youtube trying to find the ideal ECG video, then a 3HR Video popped up, I was contemplating but I gave him 10 mins to impress me. Guess, what happened, I'm still here sitting with my notebook.

  8. Sir …i am from assam ..i am doing mbbs in Guwahati medical college,assam..i am from a very poor family ..my father is a security guard….because of some helpful person i am able to study in a medical college..i need concept ..i saw your video on YouTube..but some of video are treasure video…so i go to your website ..but thing is that I cannot afford subscription fees sir..i think you will read this comment

  9. Dr…. 😪😪😪😪😪On ur membership app ECG abnormalities ke video nhi ha phly vha p the. Bt ab nhi.. Plz kuch kryn.. Mra 1st june ko exam ha i need that video urgent.. Ask ur team to upload

  10. a true master in his field … Ecg explained super straight💯 … although i hope it's not straight otherwise the human dies … pls upload new videos soon

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