1. I just used the whole video as my cool-down & it feels amazing! Thks so much for putting this up on YouTube!!
    Definitely a fan now, and appreciating your intelligent encouragement at the start of video 😀

  2. This video made me remember to be nice to my body and thank myself for any movement that I do. That's just what I needed. Thank u so much for making your videos <3

  3. Thank you for this. After doing really intense HIIT workouts for the past two days, I just felt so tired today and didn’t want to do anything. But I knew I needed to do something. And I ended up coming across this video, which is exactly what I needed, to allow my body to still move but not end up adding to the fatigue. I appreciate you 🧡

  4. Today I wasn't feeling well beacuse of the situation that we have to deal with it right now all around the world and PSM.I didn't a wanna do any of these workouts but suddenly I said that maybe I shouldn't force myself and maybe I can do it with one of those recovery workouts.I did and proud of myself thanks for everyting Kelli and Daniel. You two have a great chemistry that's why today I felt great about myself.Lots of love from Turkey.

  5. I was feeling sore from other workouts this past week as well as a lot of housework today. This really felt good and your voice is soothing.

  6. Exactly what I was looking for. Just getting over being sick but wanted something to keep my body moving. Plenty of opportunity to add weights, or make it harder/easier.

  7. Thank you Kelly for posting this workout, your narration is just so genuine and helpful! I've had a few setbacks but has been demanding myself to pick up heavier workouts as I used to do, but those just put me in a worse shape.
    "Ask your body politely…" This just made my day! I never thought in this way before, but now I know how to make peace with myself 🌟

  8. This is my favourite workout that I label personally as my prenatal workout. I focus on moving fluidly and understanding my body's ability and limitations. Sciatic pain has been with me since the 2nd trimester (still hurts now) which takes me away from exercising. Having been familiar with FB since 2012, I find your videos somewhat therapeutic and motivating (better than "real prenatal workouts" available on Youtube). Now, at 30 weeks pregnant, I am prepared to practice this daily in my own pace while searching for some more level 2-3 FB workouts to switch up. Thank you xx

  9. I love all your workouts but this is probably one of my favorites. I had to run some errands with my son after work and got home much later than usual so I didn't have time to do my full routine before dinner. This allowed me to still get a work out in, including some cardio, and still have time for my family. I love that you provide modifications and go over proper form as well ☺️

  10. Just completed the workout on first day of period, such a relief! Trapped breaths released with breathing in and out, aches in the lower back and legs are gone as well! Thank you for such a moderate yet effective workout! God bless the team 🧡🙂

  11. Thanks for this video!! I broke my pelvis in three spots back in late May and I have been wanting an easy and gentle workout that was more than just what physical therapy sent me off with. I looked and looked and finally stumbled upon this one and I was so happy that I was able to get through most of it with little modifications here and there 🙂

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