1. This Diabetes home workout video will help you learn exercises you can do to normalize your blood sugar and control diabetes symptoms. These exercises REALLY work! For a comprehensive diabetes home workout weight loss program, check out this Diabetes Exercises for Weight Loss. For more info: https://www.hurtfootfitness.com/diabetes-exercises-for-weight-loss-workout-program. I hope this diabetes exercises video helps you manage your diabetes and live well.

  2. I just did the level 1 diabetes exercise and found it a little easy, so I came to this video. I could only make it half-way through, and I swore at you a lot (no offense, you're great <3) but I'll try again tomorrow. I'm sweaty and sore, but I did what I could, which is a lot better than the nothing I was doing before. 🙂

  3. You know, Caroline. I have to chuckle because I am a 42 year old female with a moderately physical career (I am a Licensed Massage Therapist) and I always feel completely exhausted after a full day of at least 6-7 one hour massage sessions. So, my brain tells me that I don't need to add extra workouts because massaging is full of side-to-side lunges, squats, lifts and holds, isometric contractions and bending over, lifting up, etc. During this quarantine, I have been laid off since the middle of March and I stay busy by doing chores around the house, deep cleaning, washing laundry and hanging it on the clothesline….(wet laundry in buckets- whewwww! At least 15 pounds!) And I saw your channel. I watched a video and instantly fell in love with your energy and charm. I did a couple chair workouts because I think I was feeling a bit "low" those days and wanted to slowly ease into movement. First of all- your chair workouts caused me to sweat! I was blown away! Second- I just completed your Diabetes workout for blood sugar management and even though I don't have Diabetes, I literally have sweat rolling down my back! I am very impressed by the creativity of your workouts; I tend to get bored easily and completely lose interest. But your options from a pretty-tough-even-in-a-chair routines to Diabetic routines will keep me going. Also I am humbled and even slightly embarrassed at how deconditioned I have become not only since being laid off a month and a half ago but in general. Sure, massage is exercise. But a person needs to do SOMETHING to get their heart rate higher than normal in order to reap full benefits. I want to thank you for being a ray of sunshine in a bit of a gloomy sky for people worldwide right now. I am also realizing how important and essential healthy, purposeful self-care routines are for a human being. We are each so unique and individualized! We are our own best friends! We are our own best advocates! Love one another and love yourself; treat yourself well. Stay healthy and God bless!

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