1. I really like this workout for muscle relaxation and tension relief. It's not so very intense, but really helps to warm up and release back pain and get some movement back into the hips. In addition, you can really do it throughout pregnancy whether you feel ill and tired in the beginning or round and successively immobile towards the end. Now, during my 2nd pregnancy, I already have diastasis and a umbilical hernia early on and this workout still feels good although I cannot do many others because of those conditions. Highly recommended.
    For me, I also really like to do it alternately with more challenging workouts which leave me with sore muscles the day after. Then, this workout is perfect to warm up and release the tension.
    Thank you!

  2. I love this! I don't care that is 80's 90's nostalgia workout. I broke my dvd after my first pregnancy so I'm very happy to find this on youtube! Love Denise Austin! Thank you! Fit Mommies!!

  3. Thanks!!! 20 weeks pregnant and I just realised I need to get moving. I did this with a silly smile on my face the whole time LOL I don't know why. I think it's her positivity. Will surely be doing it again tomorrow!

  4. For three months I train almost every day. I feel really good and fit. This power woman is very personable and gives me a smile in the face!

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