1. Years after years I do come to this wonderful workout challenge ! It is easy to follow and D&K are very entertaining!! I want to say the pigeon pose at the cool down is the best!! Day 1 workout ????️‍♀️ complete.

  2. I'm starting a cleaner diet/fitness regime during quarantine in the hopes that I'll come back into society feeling more energetic and confident – day 1 is done! Thanks Fitness Blender!

  3. I saw someone do this and thought it was really cool that they kept up for so many years so im gonna try it too: 30/3/2020 5:25pm 🙂

  4. For the quarantine days and I can't go to the gym (it's closed too for the city's rule), I get the chance to pull my mom to do my type of workouts and happy to get her fit together with me! Hopefully she can get used to more HIIT workouts. Thank you for this<3

  5. How long can we repeat the same 5 day workout challenge before we need to switch it up? Idk. If I'm not wrong I heard somewhere from them your body starts getting comfortable with the same workout if you don't switch it up after some time.

  6. I've been working out with only this 30min-5days challenge for over one year. Not necessarily 5 days in a row, but for sure did more than 50 rounds. Just want to thank you guys about how much this changed my life in many aspects.

  7. Nice warm-up, however, I found the exercises too distracting. It took me a couple of seconds to figure out the first one, and then it seemed too complicated for someone who isn't strong enough, and by the time that I overcame the fear of joining in, it was almost done. I guess I will stick to more conventional routines.

  8. I’m a busy wife and mother of 6 with one being Autistic. So it’s been difficult for me to find time to go to the gym or go walking. These easy to do at home workout videos have helped me so much. I can do them in the comfort of my own home anytime I want. Im working my way towards a healthy lifestyle. I feel great, confident and these workout videos are super easy to follow. Thank you for making these videos for us. God bless!

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