1. I love this video so much… but it has me spoiled! It’s SO well done and I can’t find anything else out there that compares. Did Les Mills do any other long format dance workout videos like this?

  2. I've been working out at home during the whole quarantine and this is the FIRST time my heart rate monitor indicated I reached my maximum AND I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE IT! I was so distracted dancing and enjoying this! A-ma-zing! Please more videos like this!!!

  3. Im 54 years old and I wish I knew about this a long time ago . Im knackered but omg im sweating buckets . But heyyy I learned the moves .im so proud of myself . I'll be doing this every day after my abs workout. Thank you for introducing me to this 💜 Barbara. Scotland

  4. Hola amigos , esque que onda que es ? Es para ejercitarse o para aprender a bailar o los 2 jaja … Alguien que hable español y me conteste jejeje

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