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  2. The plank is a basic but effective workout, thanks for sharing.

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  4. @chrisredmayne
    This is a normal position so it would be good for your posture, although it won't correct it if its abnormal. This is actually really good for your core and one of the most simple things you can do. It really won't change your shape though. Running would be your best bet with throwing in lower ab workouts.

  5. in our rotc pt test, we have to do that in 2 mins, i can, this combined with the hundreds of situps and crunches i do a week, i do alot of abdominal work. and i run about 15 miles a week, and i dont have anything more than a 4 pack, is there any reason that im having this problem?

  6. @Sharebooty

    to make it easy for a plank put the inside of ur hands on the ground inside of making a fist
    it works really well takes alot pressure off your arms and focuses more on your core


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