1. I honestly love this channel. There is so much information and different exercises for every muscle. I really am glad I subscribed to this channel. I love the content. Keep up the hard work.

  2. Not wishing to detract, but he is clearly not a beginner. Yeah, he's showing how to do it because being for a beginner anyone could, but this doesn't inspire me to get off my arse, it makes me feel "shit, I don't look like that and likely never will, so what is the point of this one?"

  3. There's no beginner that can do this many different sets. Start with doing the bench press for a couple months. Then slowly add in the other exercises. Your muscles will tell you which you can handle.

  4. I need to work off a couple of Balogony Samitches So I'll just do the first one and the last one>>>
    I just want to be Flat Chested but that aint gona happen>>>Everytime I still get tightened up but still bigger pecs never can get flat>>>
    It's either boobs or peks>>>HAHAHA

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