1. This is great, can't believe I worked up a sweat in a chair! Question (anyone can answer if Caroline doesn't): When I do the diagonal knee lifts, I think you should feel it in abs; I always feel in my hip flexors instead–what am I doing wrong? Anybody?

  2. Thank you SO much for leading me in my first chair cardio workout! It was great! I am thrilled to find a workout I can do with bad knees while sheltering in place. I usually do water aerobics, but that is not an option during this pandemic.

  3. Caroline I’ve had a broken foot during the whole quarantine! I am a cross fitter and basically dying that I can’t get out. You have no idea how glad I am I found this and your others. Thanks

  4. YOU ARE AMAZING! Day 1 of your hurt foot workout plan. Your positivity and encouragement is infectious. Thank you for sharing your big beautiful heart! Ready to get strong with you.

  5. I like many others here are suffering from a bad ankle sprain. And on top of that I'm stuck inside for quarantine. Thank you so much for these videos! Happy to have found your routine 🙂

  6. I have cerebral Palsy, I can walk etc but my mobility isn't that great so I find it difficult to actually do the movements in a lot of workouts. This looks good, I will try it tomorrow

  7. Thank you, Caroline! For the first time, I started working out regularly, and soon after I got into a routine, I tore my plantar plate which means i couldn’t do my beloved yoga. I found your videos which feel fantastic and allow me to continue to be active while allowing my foot to heal. Grateful to be able to keep up with my commitment to myself to get strong!

  8. This is a great video! I have a bad ankle injury and haven't been able to get a real cardio workout in 5 weeks – until today! Thank you 🙂

  9. Thank you for this video! I injured my foot a year ago, had surgery and then had to have it redone so was back in a cast and now a boot. First time my heart rate has been up in two months. Thank you!

  10. Excellent being careful 6 week after a hip replacement revision but wanted to increase my heart rate and your classes do that thankyou though I have to miss out on some leg raises

  11. I recently hurt my knee and was worried about being unable to do my workouts. When my boyfriend suggested for me to find chair workout videos, I came on youtube to find this. I love this! Thank you so much. This has been a lifesaver for me <3

  12. I tore my meniscus in my right knee and haven't been able to be active. Currently, on crutches. I see my waistline getting bigger the longer I prolong being active. This video not only pushed me to my limit, but the exercises and the fitness teacher Is absolutely amazing. Thank you for helping me stay active and being so positive.

  13. Caroline you are amazing..I'm visiting this in 2020, since I hurt my foot and was looking for anything that could help me..and this is unbelievable…you just made my day with this one..huge huge Thanks to you. Lots of love ❤️😘

  14. You are amazing Caroline! I’m in a wheelchair also and have Spina Bifida! I would also like to see if you can do more of an arm workout video since I also cannot move my legs.

  15. Hi Caroline. I hope his comment finds you well today in light of the current world scare regarding Covin19. I would like to thank you for making these series of videos on how to do exercise even with a foot injury. For myself, I recently found out I had a small spur in my ankle, which I realise may be due to too much jogging and impact exercises in my exercise routine for past years. And now with my country having a Movement control for 2 weeks in attempt to stop amount of new infections, I find myself looking at many of your videos dating back a few years. i haven't checked your latest ones but so far, the once like this video has been of great help in getting me fit and actually feel good about yourself.

    For this video, I find it almost as difficult as another one even though that one was labelled your most challenging chair cardio. The important thing i realize even long ago is to always mix up your exercise. never settle into a routine where you eventually plato. And you are ensuring that I don't plato with something new everyday. And even if I run out of your videos, I will simply mix them up. But doesn't look like it, you look like you have a ton of them and I look forward to trying all of them out.

    Above all, I bless you for your encouraging words during the exercise, especially in asking viewers to listen to our bodies and adjust if not downgrade the exercises if need. Too many trainers force us to do tough things and then make us feel down when we can't do it. But you are forever getting me to feel good about myself and allow myself to, well, love myself. Not sure if you are a Christian, but ironically, one of my biggest problem is loving myself as God loves me, no matter how much of a shit I think myself. Regardless, bless you for encouraging me to love myself.

    I pray that you and your family and loved ones be safe and healthy even while bringing love, joy and encouragement to everyone. Thanks.

  16. Caroline. I am a Beachbody coach and I am 3 1/2 weeks post femur/hip fracture and surgery. This has been devastating for me. I lost 10 lbs in the first 2 weeks and it was all muscle. I have started into my workouts for just my arms and core with weights. I am so missing the cardio portion of my workouts. I had to modify some of your moves because I do not have the range in my hips but I so enjoyed this workout. It will be a new go to for me until I am recovered enough to continue my normal workouts. Thank you for creating this video. I feel so much better.

  17. Once again Caroline I absolutely loved loved your chair workouts! I have a fractured metatarasal injury in my foot. Your videos are so inspirational and you are such a positive mentor. thank you!

  18. Can’t it just be “Chair (or seated) workout that’ll kick your butt (or whatever you wanna call it)”? Why does it have to say “for injured & disabled people”? A crip myself, I’m looking for keywords like ‘chair workout’, I don’t need to be reminded or have it pointed out that that’s what I’m looking for. On the other hand, THANK YOU for making chair workouts, I really do appreciate all your hard work & thoughtfulness.

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