1. After 2 years still my favorite video to do some Zumba at home! 🙂 Love your natural energy in contrast to all these fitness girlies. This is Zumba how it's supposed to be. Lots of fun, thanks!

  2. Oh mon dieu, t'es trop bien, on na beaucoup de fun avec toi! J'ai fini ton workout au moment et je suis très contente! T'as bien fait, merci beaucoup! 🙂

  3. welcome back coach. i just finished the workout and  i love it, that was my best one. it is very intense but with so much fun, i like the choice of the songs, and the one minute tutorial for the difficult movements before the song begins is very helpful. finally i like the 45 min length, please keep it this long next time. thanks that was fun.

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