1. Okay so
    Day 1: I'm dying I think I'm having a heartattak i can't breathe properly, is it normal? (No results ofc)
    Day 2: DYINGGGG but I did it until the end.

  2. Results? did this work with anyone? I don't feel my stomach while doing this. I feel my arms and thighs or body in general and not my belly. tell me about ur your results ppl. Thnx

  3. Didn’t think I was gonna sweat for some reason but I did and I love it. Your positive energy and how you make me feel like Beyoncé throughout is awesome. Thank you so much for getting me moving today and making it fun.

  4. OMG, this work out was sooooo good!!! Thanks for always being so positive when you are showing us the workout. Also each like means thats another day i work out😂😂😂

  5. Hi Kola!,
    I am very happy I saw your videos because if it wasn’t for you I wanna have lost those five extra pounds I gained thank you so so much and for being super supportive of every each and one of us 😀

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  7. love, love, love this workout!!! it's so fun and unique and I'm already starting to see results in such little time! the positive energy is especially super encouraging! I have made it a priority to do this workout at least twice a day!

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  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your energy and your inspiration. I've always wanted to get healthier but felt I needed to truly hate my body in order to change. You are inspiring me to think differently and love myself while also bettering myself.

    I want to try this for 2 weeks and then try your 21-day belly fix!

    You're an inspiration 💕 Keep inspiring

  10. I seriously couldn`t wait around to test the weight loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I actually was extremely thrilled. I advise you to Google this plan too. My friend has lost 10 pounds already because of this fat loss plan. .

  11. I just found out about your channel and girl I've been missing out! Your energy and positive attitude are simply unmatched. Loved this workout xx

  12. This is so awesome. I wanted to work out since a long time but i couldn't find what to do because basically i know nothing but then i found your videos! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just did this work out and i'm tired but feeling amazing at the same time. I feel like i'll finally be more healthy!

  13. Doing a small workout when you wake up and doing a 11min workout in the middle of the day and doing workout stretches before bedtime helps a lot!!! hope this helps you 🙂

  14. thank you !! with all this rain i really did not want to go to the gym or workout … then i remembered how much i love you workout and the best part is i can do it in my own home rain or shine

  15. Hey may I get a shoutout plz I subscribe to your channel and your work is cool it help me work out be active and stuff plz and thanks for the videos

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