1. I adore you! As a health care professional and 49 year old who has lost over 60 pounds. I have been struggling for the past few years, trying to loose the 12 pounds I regained. Stress age and hormones have taken over. I have done 2 weeks of your 7 minute hit workouts and I feel great. Increase in stamina and able to tackle a huge hill on my walks. Today I was able to do three 7 minute hit routines. Thank you so much💪 Keep doing what you do!!

  2. I have been doing your workouts every day being in isolation (i do three videos in a row) and absolutely addicted! my mum noticed I've lost some weight and i mentioned your channel 😀 but mostly i feel amazing, thank you so much xxx

  3. These videos definitely give you a workout and they are so quick and so many to choose from no chance to get bored, thanks Lucy ❤️

  4. Thanks for this workout! It was super fun and luckily there was an alternative for the burpees.I've recently hit a fitness plateau and was very discouraged. I even started eating unhealthy again. This workout really motivated me! 🙂

  5. I really love this video, having the low and high option. And I really really love you timing and counting the whole thing out so I can watch this video and the movements as I do the full workout. Thanks Lucy!

  6. Did half more advanced and beginner 😰 I almost just died! Lol I can’t wait to see results! 🙌🏼 I hope to stay on track I just ordered bikini ready in 4 weeks. I know it was supposed to be spa day today but I was anxious to start, I’m hoping to stay on track soooo bad 🤞🏼 I need to feel good about myself I’m not necessarily over weight but everything jiggles and I hate my stomach 😩

  7. Where is the stretching link? I prefer the stretching at the end of a video. I often cut time out of my work day and having to go search another video is time consuming, but I Love your videos, your motivation and you've made such a difference in my health I can't thank you enough and I tell all my friends that it is because of you that I've been able to loose and keep off 40 pounds. I started my journey on Feb 1, 2019 and I've been able to maintain my weight because your videos meet all my needs. XOXO

  8. Didn't want to have to use the lower intensity variation but I've become SO unfit the past few months that i had to 🙁 still worked up a hell of a sweat and i'm sure i'm gonna be aching tomorrow!

  9. I never understood your videos. I always thought why not exercise outside. However, I’ve just found out I’m pregnant and I’m single. I realised I won’t be able to be able to go to the gym or a run when my new Bub arrives. Now I realise that your channel is going to perfect for me in maintaining my health.

  10. Amazing I love your 7minites but this was a nice change I think I've done that many 7minite my body knows what's happening this really challenged me. Fit bit said I burnt 213 calories I did it twice so 20mins. Love it! 😍

  11. Did this at night after everyone's in bed and I imagined all the things you'd be saying about tummy in and good posture🤣 I'm down 10 pounds in 3 weeks. One dress size.

  12. Please don't mind me asking this doubt…some fitness experts r saying spot reduction s a myth…is it true?…bcoz u ve special workouts for specific body parts tats y asking…please clarify my doubt

  13. Miss Lucy, I feel like I need to raise my arms above my head for more cardio on the lower impact side. The higher impact side, I can do some, but some moves bother my joints. Do I have the right idea with arms raised? Thx so much!!! Love from Alaska❤

  14. Ohh myy god its soo good 👍🏻🥵🥵 i really felt it challenging. Especially the second round 😵 thank you so much lucy for your indescribable efforts
    Love you ❤❤

  15. Loved this. More please. Plus diet and exercise tips for the dreaded menopause. My stomach is increasing and I’m doing nothing different.

  16. Awesome workout….like always !🙂
    I have a question : What do you recomand for someone who don't want to lose weight? For someone who is happy with her weight…..but still want to do workouts ,just to tone up…..be in good shape ….and MAINTEIN this weight …..without losing more weight ??🤔😁 Because most of the times is making me also lose weight 😄
    For example, how do you do to workout so much…and maintein a certain weight without losing more and more weight?😊
    Thank you for everything ❤

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