1. Bravo coach-I do a lot of these types of workouts for fighters conditioning and this was excellent-forwarded to my sister who is also a boxer

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. All these heavy bag workouts are spectacular. Like if youre really in shape and push yourself max effort – you'll get a ton out of this. If you were a fatty like me, you can pace yourself really easily, adjust intensity to get through it, pick it up. I usually work the same set for a week – max intensity for three, pace for three, day of rest and i'm melting like butter. These are like pitch perfect on the money workouts.

  3. Maaan that was crazy. I’ve done about 12 dif videos but this one is definitely more challenging than anything you’ve done. I love it and can’t wait to do it tmrw!

  4. Wooh i did this while fasting (Ramadan)
    I didn't think i would make it but i did ! It's all about mentality like you said !

  5. I really love your workouts. After I did this my arms legs and back was sore. Just what I waslooking for. I don’t have a heavy bag but o got a kickboxing bag and it works just as good

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