1. Not long finished my first ever bulk and it got pointed out that my traps are seriously lacking!!! I’ve been doing mainly body weight exercises and completely missed them out, so this is awesome to find and will help me out. I’d never thought of these exercises!

  2. Hey Derek! I'm not sure if you'll see this comment, but have you ever gotten numb/tingly areas in your palms when doing dips? Over the past few weeks this has been happening to me and hasn't gotten better.

  3. Thumbs up push-ups are a more extreme version of the last movement you demonstrated while still being beginner friendly. By the way, love your channel.

  4. Thank you so much u are a very good influence on us thanks for helping get build traps you deserve a subscribe from me thankso so much and keep up with the videos try to help kid who don't have weights at home thank you so much again!!

  5. Hi! Just wondering if these will help strengthen my traps to alleviate all the knots (triggerpoints) i get continuously in my trap area? They are so painful and nothing i do (rollerballs etc) gets rid of them. I am quite lean and female so dont want to make these muscles bigger, just stronger and hopefully get rid of all the trigger pints/knots…perhaps you have other videos on this area or problem? thanks so much – i also bought rings bc of your videos!

  6. really nice video..
    actually my mom is 47 yrs old and is having a pain in traps region for 17 yrs is it advisable for her to do these beginner level exercise..??

  7. You forgot to mention you should retract your shoulders while doing it on parallel bar. Firstly cuz you're retracting your scapula more effctive, secondly traps are engaded more when shoulders are retracted 🙂 nice vid, all those are called scapula retraction

  8. do you have any specific routines – i.e how many sets, reps, rest period duration etc or do you do every exercise once but to exhaustion?thanks

  9. I am practicing calisthenic for a while but sometimes I do not have enough energy to go hard. I am vegetarian and almost vegan. Since I was addicted to cigarette and weed in the past, I assume maybe my lungs are week and I can not get enough oxygen. How can I increase my stamina ? do you thing cardio or running may help me ? thanks a million

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