1. Thank you so much for this!! I;ve been meaning to look for a bodyweight trap workout for awhiiiile. All it took was a simple google search xD
    Your video was super concise and clear. Thank you!

  2. You kind of gloss over mid and lower traps without mentioning specific exercises to target them. Could you give some examples of body weight exercises that will target mid and lower traps? I find that this is a lagging part of the muscle for me and it's difficult to get it activated.

  3. I have a question. My mission really is to make my scapula, shoulder and wholw back strong enough where i wont doubt myself anymore. I have dislocated my shoulder maybe about 3 times in total. Even tho i can do dips n a few pull ups now. I have been following a few of your great videos. Can you please recommend how i should start to build strength n confident again. Thank you.

  4. What would the mechanical difference be if i do this back to wall instead of stomach to wall?
    I have a pullup bar that is just above my height, so I have enough space to do these "back to wall"

  5. I liked. New to this channel, great to see more calisthenics programs rather than supplement marketing, stiff , steroid using, protein doping, weightlifters that looks disgustingly abnormal.

  6. great for an accessory movement. but upper traps (also legs) are best built with weights. for the upper traps do rack pulls above the knee and Olympic pulls

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