1. I used to do this work out 3 years ago and found it so exhausting and now im able to up the intensity. Hard work and consistency is the key!!

  2. Omg, that burn at the end of the lunge pulses. I went to my happy place and wow, I did it! 😆 This workout was awesome. It gave me the extra boost I needed after doing upper body strength and now I’m drenched in sweat but actually more energized and very proud 💪🔥 #FBFit2 Day 9 Extra Challenge complete! 09.07.19

  3. My legs just died, went to heaven and back during those lunge pulses. This was one painful workout (the good kind of painful) but I’m glad I did it without any breaks, correct form and with a smile on my face. Damn, I just did those pulse lunges without having to stop. Wow, now I truly have a reason to be proud of myself! XD. #FBFit2 Day 9 Extra Challenge complete! 19.03.19

  4. I think I might be the only one, but I loved the pulse lunges. My heart got a break! And it meant almost to WORKOUT COMPLETE! Thanks FB for the awesome workout.

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