1. Confused…the website says do workout twice thru and lists 6 moves…but she does that list in this video twice thru. So am I supposed to do the set of 6 moves 2 times or 4???

  2. OMG!!! This workout was so bomb! Just did the 2 back to back and my legs are burning like crazy….but I know its gonna pay big time. Love this workout and our new gym partner!!! 🙂

  3. Did some workouts before getting to this one, but definitely this was the toughest!
    I was so out of breath, like I almost stop it but said "no!" & my shoelace even got untangled at the same time & that just made me happy like it truly felt like I was there & doing it at the same time.
    Keep up the great workouts & really appreciate them n.n

  4. At the beginning of this workout I was like "I think I'll do the cardio workout twice through" but now I think I just swallowed my heart! And I have to do this to morning again! I just love getting out of breath

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