1. Sounds like you should have a version of this for men. It is a safe and fun exercise that you can do anytime and anywhere, no one ☝️ will even know you’re doing them!! I find these so fun that I’ll take it to the next step, ☝️ one that I suggest the restroom 🚽, or home, if you’re testing this sexually. Once you try this exercise, nobody can do just one ☝️. For all you men out there without a partner, just be respectful when doing this exercise in public. It WORKS!! Can flush all those embarrassing and dangerous pills down the toilet 🚽. They are only a “repair”, or “quick fix”, that we’re permitting doctors to do on our body. It’s like choosing the road named “Death”. Yes, I am not joking 🙃 you guys. These pills will ruin your penis, and cause pain so severe that you’ll be in the ER. They will also give you a heart ❤️ attack. Death 💀 is the very next thing, if it does not happen to you the very first time. I also don’t find penis surgery fun by any means. Guys, do kegels, they’re very safe and fun, just think 🤔 of respect ✊ for those of you without a partner, like me. It is a “Get Ready” exercise, spoken of this way. Once you land a partner, she will never know you had a problem, and she won’t even know you were doing kegel exercises!! These probably help women, too.

  2. आयुर्वेद में इसे अश्विनी मुद्रा कहा गया है जो कि हमारे ऋषि-मुनियों ने हजारों लाखों साल पहले डिवेलप की थी।

  3. Just wondering, and I've looked on the net with no luck… What does pushing out on the muscles do? I can pull in and push out. Kinda like a heart throbbing. And. I'm 100% serious when I say this, the girls at the club call it "Pussy Popping" when you push out. I've used the move in my routine for years, but is it damaging?

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  5. How do I know if my pelvic floor is too tight or too loose? I’ve had a recent problem where my only symptom has be the constant need to urinate even when I don’t need to. I’ve been doing levels and bladder training along with a diet changes and they seem to help but I also don’t want to do kegels when my muscles are already to tight.

  6. this might be a lil out of nowhere but youre so pretty!

    Thank you for this, I needed a nice visualisation to really know what i‘m even working on! 🙂

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