1. Love love love these.>>>ur2.pl/1182 Perfect for lifting at home and a better price option then just continuing to buy a set at every weight when I need them. Easy to quickly switch weight, not too bulky (though takes some getting used to), and gotta love the free Amazon shipping for such a heavy package!

  2. hi thank you for the videos,uuum i think its called isometrics ,have you anyone tried it when you crunch with a number of sets normally, after once or twice you hold your abs for about for one minute at the top, and while you hold it,swing from side to sides for the obliques to work as well, at the begining you may be able to hold it for only about 10 seconds, but later when becomes easier,just hold it for longer. this way i can really feel all my abs burning, brings great results for me by doing this 2 or three times a week.

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