1. That what's wrong here
    Bi's, tri's, chest, legs – we would see them in action from several angles. Yet one of the largest and most important muscle groups we gotta play the gay card. "Nope, can't show it, can't see it". Fukin prudes.

  2. Great video! Glutes are way too overlooked for guys, also thanks for not only saying the exercise but actually showing the correct form in order to do it

  3. I too love to work my glutes. Since the past 20yrs ive been doing it. Just imagine what am going through when getting in the bus or walking on streets. Women n Men also doesnt leave me…my god

  4. Cable rope pull throughs are great for glutes too. Set the rope pull at lowest, straddle it, grab it with both hands, extend out far enough to lean forward, and squat allowing the rope to pull back some, then stand. It really works well after a set of squats.

  5. #1 thing I like about your channel: you don't let your ego get in the way of comfort or practicality. Many dudes would just deal with that bar digging into their hip to try & prove a point. Same with using straps on the deadlift video.

  6. Ok what about the best exercises for glutes, legs, back, if a man has had some back injuries? I had back injuries a few times from doing squats, and also from real heavy landscaping and construction work. So I am trying to find good workouts to strengthen back up and not get injured anymore. Any suggestions for those of us that got injured before from heavy lifting?

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