1. So you showed nothing ans when you did you show the most usless and worst part of it. Leg training. Yeah. Batman got jacked up with leg training. Yeah sure.
    Stupid fuck

  2. In reality Ben never REALLY got bulked up for the role, they had to use a body suit and cgi to enhance the look of his chest and biceps and even abs and this is actually the truth,you can google about this, there is a reason you don't see his physique outside the movie

  3. He was buff for like 3 months then got fat again. I like Ben Affleck but let's not pretend he is some fitness icon.

  4. Squat and deadlift for strength, then a flexibility exercise, then an explosiveness exercise, people are hating, but there's nothing wrong with doing that for a workout; lots of programs use bodyweight exercises as a finisher after the heavier exercises

  5. Bro what in the hell is this ?? this has to be fake I know damn well for sure this was not the Ben Affleck work out there is no possible way I know the Ben Affleck workout and none of this was legit dafuq lol come on men’s health that’s BATMAN ur talking about and all u showed us was little kicks and stretches I’m unfollowing

  6. Do these trainers realize that most people know nothing about lifting or fitness that’s why places like GNC still make bank from people cuz they think if they wear the right shirt and take the right vitamin there gonna get jacked. So when a majority of people do this for a month and they don’t look like batfleck there gonna blame the guy in the video. They ain’t gonna buy any bullshit work out dvds or nutrition plans because you already sold them a load of shit

  7. Wow so I just do these 4 exercises and I’ll get the Batman body!!!! No mexican supplements? Not even a push up in there? Wow I feel like I’m gonna be ready to fight crime in weeks!

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