1. I love you &I really like your body 😍 I want to know your old & weight and your tall plz I just want be like you so much ❤️😍😍🥺

  2. I really tried to make so many workout videos to lose belly fat and none of those worked, I really hope this works. Thank you Ivana❤️

  3. Did this today, absolutely amazing combo! Just when I thought I have picked a fav workout from you, you just keep em coming❤😂. Love from South Africa 🇿🇦

  4. Yyeeesssss…exactly what i needed.ADDING TO MY ROUTINE…….question…would you be able to put serval workouts together in one video that is a full workout targeting all parts of the body?i needed this video…..I'll get there.

  5. Your body is goals.
    I want a body a like that
    Also I like that you use good music for your workouts!
    Some workout videos have such annoying music that I don't feel like watching them😅

  6. This is what I need to reduce stubborn belly fat😅 really appreciate your work…👏
    Thank you so much. I'm going to add this new workout on my schedule.. Love you infinity…. ivana…😘

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