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  2. I wasn't in ballet long enough to develop any real skill (I was six when I stopped) but retained my flexibility. I'm coming back to it a bit for musical theatre because my turns aside from piques are weak. Doing Piques while studying for years has made them strong.

  3. y’all it says beginner. if you want more go to a more advanced video? this is perfect for beginners who have NEVER danced (ballet) before, like she explained. we aren’t that flexible yet and don’t really know how to work/move our bodies and our bodies are not used to this yet. we can’t do much and we definitely can’t do it for a long period of time yet. we’re NEW. this is for NEW (ballet) dancers. it’s perfect. not too much. lots of loosening the body. if y’all want more then simply click off this BEGINNER video and go look for something that’s more your speed? it doesn’t make sense for y’all to sit here and hate on/critique and BEGINNER video if it’s too easy for you? you all want the “beginner” video to do more advanced things because it’s too easy for you? then it wouldn’t be a beginner video. even if you are a beginner and want more, go to a different video. it’s that simple.

  4. When doing the leg lifts, how do you stay balanced? I know I'm very late to the party, but I've been doing Yelena's exercises for a few weeks now (and loving it) and I hope someone can answer my question, because I keep falling over unless I grab onto something ':)

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