1. This is exactly what I needed while quarantining at home, great way to start the day. I feel so relaxed and at peace now.~ Also, I love your horses! 😉

  2. This is not for beginners at all.Apart from that very impressive but not for people who have started unless somebody is a ballet dancer. Please be more realistic.

  3. Hello, I just tried your video. I'm a complete beginner. I am 43 and definitely not flexible. Is it ok not to be flexible at the beginning?I tried touching my toes and can only touch below my knees.

  4. I really like this routine especially the pilates push ups as I'm still working towards a full push up. I'm not ready for plank though, even on elbows so I find myself losing motivation part way through. Do you have any videos that can support me towards a basic plank?

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