1. That was exactly what I needed. I’m into my 8th week of stay at home orders in Maryland, USA. It’s been past time for me to start moving. Looking forward to trying some of your other workouts.

  2. Hi PJ, I’m in Albury Australia. I’m at a stage where unfitness has really crept up on me and I’m really feeling the effects of that, looking down the barrel of 50 in a couple of years. I really need a workout that is achievable and effective . I can’t quite get through the whole routine yet but that’s my goal.

  3. This is one of the better combination of exercises I have ever found for me especially for thighs, and not throwing my self all around (lol). But my back and knee acts up periodically so lunges and squats have to be skipped some days or weeks . Do you have anything that is more like a floor bar for over 40 without the pressure / weight on my knees but can get a good workout with some cardio in there ?. Thank you ladies for the video.

  4. Dear PJ – this workout video has been really great – i have done this for 1 week and loss 2kg – 🙂 feel very happy – Just need to know is there a 7 day workout plan (weight loss) to follow , with a little difference each day to maintain the excitement – age between 45-50 . thank you GE Sri Lanka Supper Guidance Thank you

  5. Since this one is the shorter workout, I paired this with one of your 15 minutes cardio workout for my morning session. The moves are more on the beginner side, BUT the eight reps are mentally challenge. So glad for just the one round ab moves. This woke me right up and got me going for the day. Thank You PJ!!!

  6. Thank you for this workout! I was an athlete in high school and now, at 47, I need to get toned and healthy! I have frozen shoulder on the left side (doing therapy) but there was only one thing I couldn't do because of it! Thanks again. This was a perfect beginning! (In Kansas, btw)

  7. Hi PJ! Just started last week in Washington state. I love your humor and how you tell the viewers what body part you will be feeling a move in, yah know, so we know its normal!

  8. Hi PJ I'm working out from Sydney Australia. I really love your easy paced, high intense sessions…they are so much fun and effective at the same time. Thank you for sharing with us your expertise and time. Keep up the great work!

  9. Under quarantine here in Seattle, Wa and looking for a good workout for the 50+ group. I am thrilled I came upon your video, it feels good to move the body again. I feel I had a good workout without the need for a nap after, it was the perfect amount of effort. Looking forward to making this part of my regular routine.

  10. Thank you so much! I finally decided to join your tabata workout today since I am spending most of my time at home due to enhanced community quarantine. So why not make this an opportunity to burn stored fats! lol sending my regards from Philippines!

  11. Hello from Malaysia! Great workout during partial lockdown covid19. Have been baking n eating. So this is a great session early morning at 6.30am workout before heading to the kitchen again!

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