1. Ich liebe das Sportprogramm von Jenny. Es hat mir die Tage gerettet gerade in Zeiten wie diesen. Es macht nicht nur Spaß es macht auch super fit und die Zeit vergeht dabei schnell. Danach fühlt man sich definitiv besser 🤗😍

  2. Loving all your videos, I cleaned out my garage, put an old TV, mats and an existing step out there and I do YouTube or march accross America nearly every day. Love it and about the closest I'll get to America for a while now I'm sure! (From Aberdeenshire, Scotland) Keep well x

  3. As a type 2 diabetic and a respiratory therapist, your routines are PERFECT and higly recommended! These excercises are just as important as the PPE when it comes to protecting your health. I trust the safety of your routines. Thank you and stay safe!!!!

  4. Whew….I managed to make it, though I didn't use the step! Anyone maybe have an idea of calories burned with step and without? Great video. . Thanks much

  5. THANK YOU! We are all quarantined and I needed a step class that I could actually follow. I put my 126 bpm music on and I was sweating in no time.

  6. Could you do a basic routine to slower music? I am just starting this and the music is way too fast even on the basic. Just started Weight Watchers and really out of shape, but I love step! I also love your enthusiasm and classes. Just can't keep up!

  7. Just had my board delivered due to the lockdown and went on line to find a easy intro…. This was perfect, I have had a knee replacement and so have to be so careful, love the way that you explain in easy phrases and make us feel as if we are in the room with you. Well done

  8. I died three times during the workout. I am in suuuuch bad shape, I can’t even complete this workout. Actually typing during a break. But I shall not quit! Haha

  9. How wonderful to be able to do this workout from home now that all the gyms in the UK have closed due to Covid-19. This wasn't too strenuous, and re-introduced me the moves. I use to adore step but it's no longer on the gym menu of classes. Thank you thank you thank you. I will share in the UK on my fb page!

  10. Great class Jenny I always used to love step classes when I was younger. I am 69 now and need to keep fit although I normally keep myself pretty fit normally, because we are going to be staying in for long time because of the covid 19 virus I need to do exercise every day. I could not keep up with all of it but hopefully will do after a few classes. Thank you cheered me up no end.

  11. I'm 62 and haven't done step aerobics in years. I pulled out my bench and here I am. Step has always been one of my favorites. This is especially helpful with the "shelter in place" in my city. Thank you!

  12. I really like both the length and the format of this workout. Anything past a very basic combo and I get frustrated and end up spending my energy trying to follow the combo instead of enjoying getting my sweat on. I far prefer just cycling through some straight forward but varied moves like this one at a time. Great workout as always, Thanks, Jenny!

  13. I thought this was going to be a breezy beginner workout, I am very pleased with the video and so is my body. Thank you Jenny for making this video possible for us. Keep the video's coming, thank you.

  14. I did it again but why is it harder second time I all workouts ? I'll see you in the morning my goal is 5 days then I'll do different one next wk. Thank you again

  15. Thank you so much since I can't afford gym fees you do just as good as they do I had 30 to workout I went over my time to do what I have plan but so worth. Well do again nice sweat

  16. Not including stretches this got me about 2,000 steps on my Fitbit. Thank you! I’ll be using this again when it’s too cold or rainy to run 🙂

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