1. Would be great if the trainer wasn’t trying to make you do push-ups while riding a bike… it makes no sense. It was also switching every five seconds and hard to follow. I recommend Studio Sweat if you want a good spin class that you’ll actually enjoy and understand.

  2. Ive been doing this workout for more than a month now every day and i have see absolutely no results except loss of breath this is useless and a complete waste of time and it makes you look like an absolute idiot

  3. This class kicked my butt!! Love it!! I look forward to doing it again tomorrow (and for the next few weeks/months until I’m comfortable enough to move on to a more intense class)! 💙

  4. Do you want to do aerobics while trying to push yourself on the bike? I don’t. I’m all for combining arms with cycling but this seemed like a goofy routine made up to just seem like you’re working your upper body. Resistance isn’t clear when you just say “up one turn, tap it an inch” every bike is different and it should be described on a scale from 1-10 like many trainers do. Seemed unsafe for any beginner to attempt and I’m afraid this was poised for very poor form and as a result of the lack of clear direction from the trainer I’m hurting in my knees and shins, where no one should be.

  5. Best spin workout I have found on YouTube. Instructor has great verbal commands and seems to anticipate mistakes before rider makes them. Hope she makes more videos

  6. Im a beginner and love this session. Brinn the trainer is amazing (and hot). It's by far the best one I've seen on youtube because it actually starts on time, isn't annoying or obnoxious and is easy to follow. I've been doing it every morning since Jan2. Yea it's not easy but go at your pace and do what you can.

  7. Beginner my A$$! I am just starting out and this is no way for beginners! I might come back and try again once I have some time under my belt.

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