1. This is the most comprehensive video for using a home pilates machine. I loved the full explanations throughout the workout. His body is defined as where you can actually see which muscles were engaging during the workout. Thanks for this informative video.!

  2. Oh my Lord 💗 I just purchased a reforming and your videos are just wonderful. May I ask is your body a complete work from the reformer or you do attend a gym for weights? Quite impressive physic.

  3. I'd like to subscribe, but I have a Peak Pilates Reformer with a trapeze. I am not sure what springs to use. Mine are labeled yellow blue and red. Are the cords labeled the same for all Reformers?

  4. Hi. Can you help me better understand "neutral" alignment? I just did a pilates mat class and was told to cup/scoop the lower abdomen so the navel was pull towards the floor and up and that there is NO space and the was a slight scoop or tilt of the pelvis?

  5. I love this!! Have a nice reformer sitting in my dining room collecting cobwebs. Haven’t had an instructor here where I live and it always helped.

  6. Great video John! I am 56 yo female watching with my husband and we found your presentation easy and appropriate for our age. Unlike the video I have watched in the past, yours is easy to follow. Hope for more videos like these.

  7. A really good beginner reformer work out. I am disabled with a spinal deformity and spinal cord injury, I unable to do most work outs, and the reformer is the best option I found to keep fit. I am fused L3-S1 and C5-7, so I am unable to do any side stretches, but I was able to do the rest of the video. The upper body portion was very difficult, I have no upper body strength, so I will keep working on that area.

  8. great video…extremely helpful. I am thinking to buy reformer at home . Is there any reformer around $1000 range that you would recommend. Can not afford expensive ones.

  9. Thanks so much for an easy to follow instructions and demo. Is this enough time to make a difference or should we do more reps if so what is recommended and how many times a week? thanks again 🙂

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