1. Wow… really didn't think I would finish that one. But SO glad I did!! Here are my Apple Watch Stats, for those interested:
    Active Calories: 379 Cal
    Total Calories: 448 Cal
    Female / 5'4" / 196.6 lbs (as of this morning) / 28 years old

  2. I love how in the last 30 seconds of the last exercise, you used the same song from the intro of Cardio starter 1. It's a nice touch and it maximizes the adrenaline a lot. Thank you, Body Project! You've helped make a difference ever since I started working out months ago. And now the results are starting to show. Again, my sincerest thanks to you all!
    #TeamBodyProject 👊

  3. Wanted to say a huge thank you! This video has been helping to keep me sane during lockdown and it's the perfect level where I get my heart going without anything getting to complicated. Actually feel like I might be fitter than I was before all this started, which is something! Also, as I have weak joints I appreciate how none of the exercises make my joints feel weak. Thank you!!!

  4. This is such a great workout (although I am dying :D), I feel so good afterwards, so alert and refreshed (and super dooper sweaty). Thank you so much for this.

  5. A Big thank u Body Project, this workout suits me & also have lost weight ofcourse I eat everything BUT in MODERATE.. .that helps me in not craving for anything & going overboard! Love ur workout! Thank U!

  6. Thank you Team Body Project! I've been doing your cardio workouts for a month or two now, and now I'm seeing results with higher stamina and being able to survive your "cheeky extra 10 squats" each day.

  7. 17:47 well technically I clicked on thumbnail not the play button…
    And please guys don’t use plastic bottles for this, the environment is doing bad enough as it is.

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