1. Really excited to try this, not today (regular core workout), not tomorrow (hiking with boyfriend 💕) and not this weekend (roomate moving out)

    But Monday, finally, yes. Will update once I've tried it!

  2. yes, I'd like a follow along routine. as it is I have to either write it down or stop/pause, do the exercise and then unpause. I miss the trolley on Balaclava!

  3. Just watched your “My 30 Kg Weight Loss and Fitness Transformation” terrific! Love your story and your style of teaching! I am at my desired weight but at 75 years of age the loss has left me with flabby arms and legs so I’m anxious to get with your program! Thanks.

  4. This is sad that there are less calisthenics workout videos for women across the YouTube. We want u to upload more videos like so that we can follow along and get fit specially during the lockdown 😊😚

  5. Love it! The only thing I miss is the follow along type of video, for higher motivation when I start to get weak at the end of the workout and not to skip something 😀

  6. Im a newbie in working out, ive been following this video for about 2 weeks now. Im feeling alot more energetic, and so much healthier. Thank you so much for the video!

  7. Never heard of calisthenics before! But I like it!
    I was only able to finish one round this time… which is 50% a mental thing of not wanting to start all over again haha

  8. Thank you so much!!!!! ❤️
    It feels so good to do this work out 💪
    And you have added possibilities for me to actually finish the whole thing and feel fit afterwards. I love it!

    And I would LOVE a do along! This way I would have to pause it and go back and forward!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏

  9. I absolutely love you and your videos Lucy! I really struggle with losing fat and getting tone but not anymore. Thank you so much for using the most basic exercises which bring the most results. Love you

  10. I just learnt how to do a painless lunge because of this video!!! I have been avoiding lunges for 2 weeks now bcz i had excruciating pain! Thanks for great illustrations for each movement, the different angles are extremely useful! 💝

  11. YES this would be better as a "class"!!! "Follow along". Because this way, I had to keep stopping to pause the video, play, pause, play…. not awesome!

  12. Does calisthenics necessarily bulk you up? I wanna try working out but dont wanna be so muscular. Im a girl. I wanna be strong yet slim and toned

  13. I just found you on YouTube and Instagram and your genuine care and best interests for your audience shines so brightly! It has really encouraged me to give Calisthenics a go – I feel I am at the “before beginner” stage if that’s even a thing haha I have created a lifestyle of good nutrition and now I want to get super fit and strong! I gave this workout a go and got through the warm up and ONE around and I’m dead! So sweaty and exhausted but proud I got that far. So my next goal will be to get through 2 rounds 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 thank you for your encouragement. I am going to stick at it! Xxx

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