1. Lose those stubborn batwings FOR GOOD! This batwings workout will tighten and tone your arms, especially your triceps! These exercises are the BEST WAY to burn away arm fat using light weights.

  2. Ima combine this with the 13min batwings video for 2 weeks… i'll keep u posted…
    Been doing the 13min batwings for 2 months and result is amazing! my arms are super toned!

  3. Hi Tracy! I begun doing your previous batwings workout and really like it, can I do both videos each day? The previous one and this one with weights?? I'm really trying to improve my triceps/batwings as they're the thing i like the least about my body. Thanks for everything!

  4. Woohoo!!! I'm excited to start this! Trace you look Fabulous girl!!! New mama with a gorgeous physique! I am so inspired!
    how can I get rid of armpit fat?.. Im really working hard with eating right but this fat is stubborn 😂.. should I use heavier weights?

  5. This was my VERY very very first TBT workout video ever. Your batwings moves are the best, most fun and most effective. AND SCREW NANCY BOWMAN FOR HER DUMBASS, IGNORANT COMMENT IT'S NOT MERELY AN OPINION, HER COMMENT ISN'T CONSTRUCTIVE Keep talking and keeping everyone safe (and entertained) while working out, dear Tracy.

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