1. Thank you for this! Just started going to the gym a few months ago and with this quarantine I didn’t know what to do. So happy to find this video👍🏾😁

  2. I cannot express enough how wonderful this video series is! I used to be a gym rat big time…it has been at least 20 years since I stepped foot in one. I was able to do this during my lunch and you know what!? Just after this one video…it sparked in me what I used to feel! thank you Shaun T!!!

  3. Thank you so so so much for these. I haven’t been in the frame of mind to restart fitness for a long time now. I have had major major health problems and they are still ongoing but I literally lost all confidence of what I could do because I used to have a trainer and be so much fitter and do your insanity cardio with mods and it all fell apart when I nearly died. I have been struggling because the illness I have now desperately needs me to lose weight but my confidence means I don’t want to go walking because of the staring and I cannot go for long etc. so these have just given me that yes moment and shown me a light! Thank you. Here goes…

  4. Thank you Shaun T !With this I have no excuse not to move my body! This is coming from a 53 y/o with knee, back, neck and foot injuries. When I was fit, Insanity workout was no problem. I am just happy to get moving and have a starting point.

  5. Thank you Shaun T for doing this . I have tried in the past to start Insanity but I was out shape and couldn't keep up. I needed a Drill Instructor to keep me motivated and didn't have one so I gave up. You're awesome. Thank you for doing this.

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