1. When she said, "I'm going to bring some dance conditioning to you, things I used to due back with my teen dancers in my dance teaching days", I should have known to log off then.

  2. @coachKel if you had online classes I would join right away. Have tried many things for a decade and that is by far what suits me best. I have done your workouts three times weekly since the beginning of the lockdown and my legs are thinner and more toned, my core is stronger and my mood is incredibly good.

  3. Love your workout coach Kel! Great form, intense workout with jumping or bouncing around. It's a good cross train to a pilates. Thank you!

  4. Am I the only one with super sore calfs the day after? 🤣 If you need a calf day definitely do this! Can't walk haha Even my arms were dieing during the work out. thumbs up!

  5. I was wrong about this workout, thought it would be easy and it turns out it's still very challenging and it's never boring! hopefully you'll upload more of these barre workouts and probably invite her again? Thank you so much 🙂

  6. I love your workouts! Thank you so much. I have little kids as well and this is what I look forward to on a regular basis. So good for the body and mind! Please keep these barre videos coming. You are greatly appreciated!

  7. Love this! So much fun! I am wondering if you can share what playlist you are using? I would like to use it for my barre class if it is publicly available. Thanks!

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