1. Please give us more details on the food you eat . Macro and calories. I enjoy your video a lot. Please keep sharing. Thanks and love you more

  2. Love the cauliflower/egg white waffle idea, do you post any of your recipes on a website? I have watched all of your videos and I remembered the waffle one but literally had to browse through all of them to find it again 😅

  3. Kyla getting it done at the crib. 😎   Proud of you on those burpees and mountain climbers especially, definitely two of the more challenging, adrenaline filled exercises out there. 😊👏   Congrats on getting over 800 subscribers in a such a short amount of time as well.   But not surprising since there so many great reasons to become a fan of one Kyla Ford. 😊

  4. Kyla, I am obsessed with you! You are so amazing and inspiring! You are so happy and all your energy I just love watching!!! I want to be like you!!! Going to workout now bye !!
    Aid more meals videos and grocery shopping and cooking/putting together meals !

  5. Absolutely love all of your videos! You give off such a great vibe, I love it! Great home workout as well! Yes definitely continue posting more home workouts you enjoy, FDOE and fun recipes 🙂 💗

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