1. Hi! I am totally new to this channel. Does Jillian have any beginners workout. I mean, this will workout will really crush my body. In a bad way.

  2. @Jill – I have 30lbs + to lose. Should I do your Transform 90 followed by Slim 60 program OR Body Reolution followed by Body Shred DVDs on the app. I got my premium subscription and so glad all your library is there. Your help would be tremendously appreciated!! xoxo

  3. Unless you have a healthy equilibrium and are physically able, I wouldn't attempt that last exercise.

    Jillian Michaels, I'm clearly jolted by your uncharacteristic display of "try this dangerous exercise at home"? No warning for the risk involved? Some unprepared and under developed thrill seeker might get hurt.

  4. Could you do a workout that regular people could do.. something effective but not too crazy.. I love your flexibility but not everyone can do this workout 🥰

  5. Can you do a video on estrogen overload and the best types of workouts for and diet for someone who has been told they have this? I keep hearing that this overload requires a special diet and workout because we won't see results with conventional workouts but everyone wants to get paid to explain. xo

  6. These were awesome! I definitely need to build up my flexibility and a little more core strength before doing these. Great content though. Thank you Ms Michaels.

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