1. This workout was so… bad. I didn't feel like I was even exercising. The "exercise" moves were not even real moves, they combos of moves with ~15 seconds of rest built into each move. I was doing the moves correctly, but didn't really get anything out of it. Hope you guys improve the quality of your workouts in the future.

  2. i thought other peoples workouts were way easier but you are just setting the bar FB, I love you guys for your generosity!

  3. im so upset that i have to do this again tomorrow.. this is what i get for not working out for 6 months… i barely made it to 8 minutes, asthma is barely a barrier.. I gained fat in place for muscles but my muscles are beign revived .. i have worked out only 2 hours and 10 minutes throughout these 3 days.. maybe I will make better progress tomorrow… help me I am commenting so I don't have to workout.

  4. Doing this after a 3 day break and 30 minute abs workout definitely didn’t help my case when attempting to do this workout. I was thinking of giving up multiple times through this workout which I absolutely never done but my body was begging me to stop. Somehow, my body found a surge of energy right when I was about to give up. That surge and my motivation is what kept me going strong and with proper form. Damn, thank god I’m done now and thank you body for allowing me to complete this workout without giving up on me. I feel exhausted but damn proud of myself for sure 💪👏 #FBSweat Day 9 Extra Challenge complete! Can’t wait to jump into the shower cause I’m so sweaty and then devour the delicious dinner that’s waiting for me on the table 😆 08.02.2020

  5. So freaking sweaty and breathtaking 😅 I managed to push the hardest I remember while completing this workout and I’m super proud of myself since I remember struggling completing the last few exercises at a high intensity. Perfect warmup for an upper body workout up next 💪 #FBFit2 Day 32 warmup complete! 27.12.19

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