1. Woah, perfect workout to add onto your workout session to ensure a full body burnout as I was sweating buckets by the end and no muscles were left untouched by soreness 🔥 Damn, I feel completely awesome, all due to showing up today for myself and daring to kick my butt yet again. No better feeling than that of a #workoutcomplete 💪 Thank you FB for helping me become this badass person that I didn’t know I could be and for showing me what true strength and discipline feels like. I’m never going back to my old lazy and unmotivated self cause heck, I love and respect the new me too much 😘💪 #FBSweat Day 16 Extra Challenge complete! 17.02.2020

  2. Woah, so sweaty and super sore during the second half due to those pulses. I did the hardest versions of every exercises and focused on proper form and contracting my muscles and I can guarantee you, if you do those things you’ll surely feel the killer burn I’m feeling now and you’ll be swimming in sweat 😅💪 #FBFit2 Day 51 1st workout complete! Moving onto more cardio and abs work next, surely bound to be fun considering how sore my abs are 🔥✌️ 21.01.2020

  3. Ouch, my abs are definitely burning and I’ve got another 24 minute abs workout waiting for me next. I’m sweaty and super ready and excited to continue this burning session🔥💪 #FBFit2 Day 4 main workout complete! 15.11.19

  4. So glad I showed up and done this as now I’m truly feeling burned out EVERYWHERE, not just my abs. I’ve done the hardest versions for each exercise and gave it my all since I wanted to really get a good burn outta it and well, mission accomplished! I’m literally sweating rivers 😅🔥 #FBSweat Day 16 Extra Challenge complete! 28.10.19

  5. I'm really sore/stiff from a lower body workout on Saturday so I chose this as I still wanted to do some cardio with my upper body routine today. This for in great. Even though it was low impact it got my heart rate up and helped me get some lower body flexibility going. Awesome as always.

  6. Another great workout! I usually go with your higher intensity workouts but I’m just recovering from some hip issues and this was exactly what I needed!! Challenging yet doable. Thanks again for a great workout.

  7. I'm 17 and I have always been very unhappy with my body as I am quite short and chubby. I have always been saying "I wanna workout" and stuff like that but I have never had the proper motivation or I have given up but this workout just makes me so happy. I feel so good while I am doing it and after. I try to do this everyday or every second day and I have been going for almost 3 weeks and have already seen some differences and felt so amazing. I am so looking forward to loving my body. Thank you for this amazing workout! It is very challenging sometimes but so great!

  8. I was swimming in sweat by the end of this workout and now sweat is still pouring off me like a waterfall. Now that’s what I call pushing yourself hard to achieve maximum results from a workout when your feeling extra motivated. Now I’m gonna move onto the main attraction, a long, well deserved, core workout. I’ll be on the other side after it 🔥😆 #FBFit2 Day 4 warmup complete! 07.07.19

  9. Damn, this workout had me sweating rivers and gave me a short but great burn in my abs from those core exercises. I’m so glad I showed up and I’m now moving onto the second workout of today. #FBFit2 Day 51 workout 1/2 complete! 30.04.19

  10. This was one of the best cardio workouts with simple compound movements. I love the style it’s exactly in line with how I like to train. Thank you!!!

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