1. Starting this challenge today -12inches (arm size)
    Day 1- I can feel the burn
    Day 2 – my arms are really burning 😭😭😭😭
    Day3 – I can do this
    Day 4 – not done 😒, too weak
    Day 5 – done!
    Day 6 – done (morning), planning to do one more at night
    Day 7 – done!!! 🎊🎊,lost two inches already!!! Arms are currently 10 inches (left arm tho, right arm seems too stubborn, still at 11inches)

  2. Ma'am plz suggest how to tighten skin and get rid of droopy eyelids and eye puffiness and also wrinkles at the age 35.your suggestion is very much important for me.its really effective,awesome.u are great ma'am.love u

  3. I have been doing this since the last 15 days and trust me guys this works wonders!!!! I tired all my past clothes which were tight from my arms and to my surprise they were all fitting. But not lose as it's just 15 days only. I will again try them after 15 days and will come back with the results!!! Thanks a ton Manju Mam😊πŸ₯°πŸ₯° U rock❀❀

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