1. I have been doing these exercises for 2 months, I have increased the repetitions gradually and I have seen improvements over time, after a week you already see some difference if you train constantly every day. My arms are thinner in circumference and my muscles have been toned and enlarged, the right one. Thanks a lot for your workouts, they are functional!!
    (Greetings from Italy)

  2. Can anyone share with me how this exercise shaped their arms? I already have pretty slim arms, but I am looking to make them even slimmer. I am not trying to bulk up or build too much muscle. What were your results?

  3. If you think this is too easy, grab a 2, 5, 8 or 10lb dumbbell 🤣 good luck love! I'm still on two lbs, I tried 5 and I said waiiit, I wasn't reaaddyy!

  4. I'm really overweight, I weight 86 kilos and by the time I got to the third one the back of my neck started painting unbearably. Is that normal?
    Edit: I'm on day 3 and now it takes me about the fourth exercise for my neck to start hurting, hopefully in a few months it doesn't hurt at all

  5. I personally love it. I do it twice weekly along with other workouts. I can tell I’m getting stronger because it barely hurts like it did at first. The small circles kill me lol. But I love this. 💪🏾

  6. I have really skinny arms so i have never tried exercises because i always feel them shaking during an exercise… With this I hope i can gain strenght?

  7. I get muscle very easily but I don't really like the fact that I am too muscular and have broad shoulder.I try to work on my abs and legs more,and most importantly my jumping because I want to get taller, because if broad shoulder and short,plus together looks weird

  8. 🐾🐾🦴🐾🐾🦴🐾🐾🐶🐾🐾🦴🐾🐾🦴🐾🐾



  9. Day 3 🙂
    I'm doing a 10 day challenge, with this and a resistance band workout and Yeah just proudly completed day 3, after not wanting to do any of it lol

  10. I Love this video!!! I started doing some of her workouts a couple yrs ago. Had a frustrating last six months n wasn't doing much. Just starting back today. Maaaan her voice and the music she uses here was so wonderful to my ears. On to making this yr better than the last. Happy New year to all. Thank u again VJ for making videos that are doable and being a real female who doesn't make me feel bad that I ain't looking as good as u (at least not yet ol watch out now!😅)

  11. I’m going to do this for two weeks or more if needed, and after like a week of it I’ll add my 1/2 kilo wrist weights to add extra strain for more results. Motivation please? I don’t want to forget about my goal for this workout…

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