1. Bhai app ko itna energy hai ki app kitna v stunts kr Lo to app log nhi thakte hai to bhai hmko v kuch upay bataye ki hm v stunts karte samay nhi tired thaka hua mahsus nhi ho plzz bhai app se request h

  2. Ok, so you mean AFTER I get in great shape and highly coordinated then I should do this workout. Until then you're worthless. Worthless channel. Nice spins dummy.

  3. Do you feel as though your sick ass capoeira like moves help Build size in your muscle ? Seems like a lot of time under your body weights tension = big gainZ , especially in your bicep?

    This fucking guy omg watching him flip just makes you happy 😆

  4. Holy shit !!! This man defies the laws of physics with some of his moves.. this is VERY IMPRESSIVE by anyone’s measurement 👍… keep up the hard work man!! You’re only young once…

  5. Bro you're fast twitching muscles are off the chart. Could have easily been an MMA fighter, Boxer Football Player, even Soccer. You just explode with ease. No matter how hard someone works if you're not blessed with fast twitching muscles you cannot work for them.

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