1. I liked belly dance years now…but combined with work out it is another dream come true!!!You are perfect Leilah!!!Thank you so much!!!Kisses from Greece!

  2. So many congratulations to Leilah Isaac for keeping a wonderful, Absolutely Beginner Bellydance Workout video on Shimmy & Hip drops moves and graceful Dynamic Shimmy & Hip drops moves creativity and super workout and nice Tutorial expression and highly impressive thrillings and nice body moves and so amazing body language in this super Entertainment Category, Absolutely Beginners Shimmy & Hip drops moves excersize workout Demo and always the almighty God bless you for your bright future and achieve a lots of glorious successes with my all good wishes.

  3. Hi Leilah 🙂 I love your videos – you have a great way of breaking down the steps and then putting them in sequence. Can ask though, as I have just had a baby 2 months ago; are there any steps that help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and/or correct Diastasis Recti? Are there any steps that I should avoid at this time? Could you possibly make a video (or perhaps 2 or so . . .) for postpartum mothers who are wanting to start re-toning there muscles without over-doing it?

  4. you have introduced me to belly dance! I am still very much a beginner but your workouts are so fun that it doesn't feel like a workout. Thank you Leilah!

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