1. Ilike tis video, I am 60plus, I start doing this about a month ago when I was home on vacation, when I back to work this Monday, I felt like I am energized. This workout is not just for my ab, it also keep me healthy . I haven't seen too much result yet, I felt my waistline is one size down with a bit of fat hanging there. I will keep doing this. Thanks

  2. I really enjoyed this one and I can tell that I'm gonna feel it tomorrow but I'm looking forward to it. (She says that now 😂) Seriously though, the last one I tried killed me so I looked for a beginners one like this. I'll run with this for the next few weeks or so until I'm ready for the next tier. Thanks Holly!

  3. nice video helps a lot nice for mans to. Use elastic band for ur leg workout its great i got that and fitness mat its awesome i love it so much. i got my at trainhome .shop they are great get from them if you want to get some home fitness things.

  4. This is a great workout all round for abs, the 20 second rest is much appreciated!! Would it be possible to extend the demo in the top left corner for the full duration of the timer or fade out at 2 seconds? It would provide me with more time to prefect the position before the next move, thanks!

  5. This is my first time watching this video and working out at the same time with you
    I finally found a workout I can actually do

    Thank you so much this I such a great help I will keep doing this until I get where I want to get

  6. Such an awesome workout. I am wondering why you don't screaming and weeping. I did that workout, it feels great but I have got to struggle. I began to scream and weep intensely. Just for pain, joy and strong emotions. But now I feel well and stronger than ever.

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