1. Your one of the most positive youtubers putting content out ✨I love watching your videos before I hit the gym you motivate me to go so much harder! Also I did one of your back workouts the other day it was such a killer I could hardly lift anything 2 days after, I cant wait to do this workout 😊💪 Also I love your tan, brows and your outfits also motivates me 🙌🌹 Thank you Hanna, cant wait for the next video😘

  2. from 1 year i am doing gym workout but i didnt get abs like u…i am following u from a month n trying to follow your instructions as well
    you can suggest me where i am lacking

  3. I like training abs but when it involves lower abs my hip flexors or inside hip muscles pr something starts to hurt really bad making leg lifts and some Russian twist excersize harder to do.. any tips to help ? Or is it a muscle that needs to be stregthen??

  4. Girl please keep making these kick ass videos. I am in love with your body I need to get myself to your level and watching your videos and doing the workouts your showing us is absolutely helping me get there. Do you have anymore videos on abs with weights that we can do in the gym?? and again love your videos!!!!

  5. Hannaaaaaaa! love your vid once again you're the best.
    Maybe just write "in the vid" the name, number of reps? It may help some of the watchers 🙂 
    ph_fitness_official (Insta follower)

  6. finally! a really good bodyweight ab workout! i would deeply appreciate it if u'd make a bodyweight workout for legs. i am at a place with no gym or equipment at the moment and i want to make sure that ofc i won't gain muscle but to make sure i don't lose that much. thanks!

  7. Ahhhhh I love u and ur videos you inspire me so much!!! Even through the tough times were my parents don't support me being in love and having a passion for power lifting and working out consistently

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