1. I enjoyed this workout! I love all your videos. Can you do a similar workout but longer? For example, do each group twice before moving on to the next one. This will make it longer and tougher.

  2. strung it together with several other lower shorter workouts. i feel great! these workouts have kept me sane during my time at home and I am actually enjoying the variety from the gym. I am curious as to the bare feet….

  3. Blah this did not feel good today!! As in, I felt out of shape and it kind of kicked by ass!! So many jumps :O Time to get back to some more regular, harder HIIT I think! As always, thanks for a great workout! I even got to do it outside on the deck during my lunch break while working from home 🙂

  4. WARM UP
    HIIT (20s x 2 each, 10s rest)
    – lateral jump + toe touch 
    – jumping lunge
    – star jumps
    – runners left
    – runners right
    – pop squats
    Water Break
    CORE (50s each, 10s rest)
    – crunch
    – back bow
    – jackknife crunch
    – back bow cross crunch
    – double toe taps
    – swimmers
    – X crunch
    Water Break
    – burpees
    – ski to sumo squat jump
    – high knees
    – side lunge with leg raises
    – mountain climbers
    – sumo squat w high kick
    – toe touch crunch
    – side crunch left
    – side crunch right
    – criss cross crunch
    – side plank left
    – side plank right
    – flutter kicks

  5. It's always a terrible feeling when the progress meter on the side hasn't started for the first ten minutes. But overall not a bad workout . 8 out of 10 for difficulty

  6. I am 60 years old and my husband is 63 and we are really enjoying these fitness blender workouts in isolation. I’ve read all the comments from people who love working with no shoes on and good on you. You must all be young. As you age and the fat pads on your feet reduce there is no way you could work out with no shoes on. There would be an injury risk in doing so and our daughter a podiatrist would fully agree on this. So could i suggest a warning for the older generation pre class to not follow Daniel’s example without consulting their podiatrist first. The last time my husband worked out without shoes on, which was about 8 years ago, his foot was painful for months and his exercise options became extremely limited.

  7. In such dire times (due to Covid-19) when whole country is in lockdown…your videos have been a blessing… please stay safe you two and all the people around the globe…Be human and stay home.

  8. My legs were sore from Monday and this surely awakened the soreness. Walking tomorrow will surely be a fun adventure 😆 I love this workout. Exactly what I needed when I decided to work abs and also do hiit but I wanted more abs than hiit. My abs and legs burned and that’s all I’ve been hoping for 🔥 Got a good sweat going as well as the feeling of accomplishment 💪 #workoutcomplete 04.09.19

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