1. I love this workout. First time doing it and it’s the first time I’ve felt my abs burn on the upper part of stomach. I may not be sweating a lot from it but I feel the burn

  2. im aiming to do this a few times a week as well as some other targeted excercise and keep a log of my progress:
    DAY 1: all i can say is oww, it really pushed me. i had to take a couple of breaks and had to remind myself to breath. my mid torso is currently 28 inch however its the nightime, im a bit bloated and have had three meals today

  3. for the past 2 months I have been doing workouts from 5 youtubers and today I told myself that the workout videos just arent working for me and I was lucky enough to come across this video and actually feel progress (after the workout) from just one video! Its truly amazing!

  4. Quarantine workout routine!

    This really is insane haha I lasted like 10 mins… I guess I'll keep on trying to beat this score
    (I'll update this comment every time I get further)

  5. I got thru it, but it req'd all my effort…!!! And I thought I was in pretty good shape:) Christine, you are gorgeous, sexiest feet & legs!!!

  6. Love this mini workout! I like that she manipulatees old moves to give you what feels like fresh new stuff.Also, what motivation who doesn't want to look like her when working out!

  7. Awesome! Your workouts are great, and I am a professional athlete and personal trainer, I love doing your abs videos; they always give me a good burn, and I feel it the next day. Thank you for the inspiration! Peace.

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