1. Day 1 : it hurt so bad with the planks but I think I can get through it please motivate 🙂
    Day 2: a little bit easier today and I love the burn
    Day 3 : rest
    Day 4: It is much easier today

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  3. This one seems like the hardest workout so far. I've been working out with u since your first outdoor video. I haven't done all the workouts but I havent my favorites that I do every other day. Rounder bootie and small waist workouts. this was my first time doing this ones and I actually broke a 😓 sweat. Thank you Vickey. you have the best workout videos

  4. This workout was so hard!! But it felt so good to finish it and I think it’ll really help cuz my core was burninggg! I love your videos so much, they help me stay motivated when I don’t know what to do!

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